What Does Snake Poop Look Like? pictures & videos (2022)

What Does Snake Poop Look Like? pictures & videos (2022)

Hi guys, if you are reading this then it’s likely you want to know what does snake poop look like, in this article I will describe what a snake’s poop looks like.

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What are snakes?

Snakes are elongated, limbless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes. Like all other squamates, snakes are ectothermic, amniote vertebrates covered in overlapping scales.


What does snake poop look like? (colour)

Snake Poop is usually brown or black in color, this is similar to other animals. it might look like the poop of a dog, on rare occasions a snakes poop might change color to yellow or green (most times when the snake is sick)

How often do snakes poop?

The time intervals at which snakes poop isn’t specific for every snake, the larger the snake the larger the number of meals they can digest before taking a poop, a small snake might need to poop after every meal while a large one can eat to 2-3 meals first.

What does snake poop look like (videos)

What does snake poop look like (pictures)

What does snake pee look like?

Snakes don’t really pee they expel uric acid, which is yellowish in color, it is as dilute as the human urine.

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Where do snakes usually poop?

They usually dump their poops along the paths they crawl. If you are in a bushy environment and you see snake droppings then there’s a high probability of a snake being around.

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Snake poop/droppings size?

Snake droppings are usually from 1 inch down to 5-7 inches long depending on the type of snake, the meal it has eaten, and the physical condition of the snake.

Please note that the size of snake poop or dropping is also dependent on the size of the snake, the size of poop for an adult cobra would be different from that of a rattlesnake although the colors might be the same.

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What illness can you get from snake poop?

You can get salmonellosis (this is serious gastrointestinal distress) from coming in contact with snake poop, snake poop contains a bacteria called salmonella, and salmonella is responsible for salmonellosis.

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How to dispose of snake feces?

You can dispose of snake feces by either pouring sand on top and disposing it in the bin or inside the bush, make sure your body part does not come in contact with the feces to avoid the risk of infection.

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How to repel snakes the easiest way?

You can repel snakes with the use of ultrasonic sounds, there are devices that emit these sounds, these devices can be kept in living areas and gardens to repel snakes. Below are two great snake repellants:

 Mole Repellent Solar Powered

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Pufado Snake Repellent for Yard

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Can snake feces be used for any purpose?

As of today, there is no known commercial benefit or use of snake feces, although various labs are still studying snakes to know.

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In conclusion, what does snake poop look like? snake poop is brown and black in color and ranges from 1 inch to 4 inches (or more) depending on the state of the snake.

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What Does Snake Poop Look Like
What Does Snake Poop Look Like
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