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Hi guys, a lot of you have been asking the question “Do eagles eat snakes?” In this blog post, I would be telling you if eagles do eat snakes or not.

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Do Eagles Eat Snakes?

Yes, eagles do eat snakes. Eagles are opportunistic hunters and have a diverse diet, which includes a variety of animals, such as fish, birds, mammals, and reptiles, including snakes. They are skilled predators with keen eyesight, powerful talons, and beaks that allow them to capture and consume a wide range of prey.

When hunting snakes, eagles will use their exceptional vision to spot their target from high in the sky, and then they will swoop down and catch the snake with their sharp talons. Once caught, the eagle may take the snake to a nearby perch to eat it or consume it on the ground, depending on the species and the specific hunting situation.

Eagles play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance by controlling the populations of snakes and other prey species in their habitats.

do eagles eat snakes?
do eagles eat snakes? Image by Sepp from Pixabay

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How Do Eagles Eat Snakes?

So now you might be wondering how do eagles eat snakes? well Eagles eat snakes through a catch-kill-and-eat method.


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1. The catch:

Firstly they swoop in (attack) from above, this helps them catch the snakes by surprise which reduces the killing time, in some cases the snakes might be aware that it is being hunted by the eagle.

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2. The Kill:

The eagle proceeds to kill the snake by either squeezing (crushing) to death or ripping off its head with its talons. if the snake wasn’t captured by surprise it returns the fight by trying to bite the eagle or wrap itself around it.

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Please note an eagles talon is

 About half the size of a human hand, and covered in thick, knobbly skin, they’re one of an eagle’s deadliest weapons, able to exert up to 400 psi, pr pounds per square inch. (That’s ten times the grip strength of an average adult human.)

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3. Eat:

The eagle eats the snake from the head if it is not ripped away, if it is then it starts from the neck till it reaches the tail or the eagle uses its beak to rip the snakes into pieces while eating it.

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What Kind Of Eagles Eat Snakes?

Most eagles do eat snake however there some eagles that do love hunting snakes majorly. some of the types of eagles who eat snakes are:

  • The Bald Eagle
  • The Snake Eagle
  • Philippine Eagle
  • Crested Serpent Eagle
  • Brown Snake Eagle

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Can A Snake Kill An Eagle?

A snakes venom can kill an eagle but it is very difficult for a snake to bite an eagle, the legs of eagles have strong sclaes that serve as amour to the eagle and eagles are heavily feathered making it difficult for a snake to bite an eagle.

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What Happens If A Snake Bites An Eagle?

If a poisonous snake manages to take a bite on the fleshy part of an eagle and succesfully inserts its venom into the blood of an eagle it would kill the eagle but the chances of this happening is very low.

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Can An Eagle Eat A Python?

Yes, an eagle can eat a python after it kills it. Eagles are large birds and they are large enough to eat pythons. Eagles eat large snakes by eating it from the head and swallowing it down thier throats or or the eagle uses its beak to rip the snakes into pieces while eating it.

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Can A Snake Beat An Eagle?

Although a snake has a fighting chance against an eagle the probability of a snake beating an eagle is still below 50 percent.

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What Snakes Do Eagles Eat?

Eagles feed on any type of snakes, they eat both the venomus and non venomous snakes, they eat both the big and the small snakes. eagles would eat a python and a even a dessert snake.

Do eagles eat snakes?

Final Thoughts On Do Eagles Eat Snakes?

From the above we have seen that the answer to the question “do eagles eat snakes?” is yes eagles do eat snakes.

Eagles are carnivorous predators and will eat rodents, birds, and snakes however it is important to know that they aren’t immune to snake venoms. They attack the snake from the top/sky and capture them while crushing them with their talons.

This post was written by Israel for Animals District.

Why are eagles not afraid of snakes?

Eagles are top predators and have few natural enemies, including snakes. Their fearlessness is a result of their powerful physical attributes, such as sharp talons and beaks, excellent vision, and strong flight capabilities, which allow them to capture and handle various types of prey, including snakes.

What do eagles eat?

Eagles are carnivorous birds of prey, and their diet varies depending on the species and the availability of prey in their habitats. They primarily eat fish, birds, small mammals, and reptiles, including snakes. Some eagles may also scavenge carrion.

What animals are scared of eagles?

Many smaller animals, especially those that are potential prey for eagles, are scared of them. This includes smaller birds, rodents, reptiles, and some mammals, as they recognize eagles as predators and attempt to avoid them.

Can a lion eat an eagle?

It is highly unlikely that a lion would eat an eagle. Lions are primarily terrestrial predators that hunt and feed on mammals like antelope, zebras, and other ungulates. Eagles are birds of prey that are not typically part of a lion’s diet.

Do golden eagles eat snakes?

Yes, golden eagles are known to eat snakes, among various other prey items. They have a broad diet that includes mammals, birds, reptiles, and occasionally, carrion.

Do eagles eat rattlesnakes?

Yes, some eagles, like the golden eagle, have been observed eating rattlesnakes. Eagles are opportunistic hunters and will consume various types of snakes if the opportunity arises.

Do harpy eagles eat snakes?

Harpy eagles are primarily known for hunting and feeding on tree-dwelling mammals like monkeys and sloths. While they might not specifically target snakes, they are opportunistic predators and could potentially eat snakes if the opportunity presents itself.

Do eagles eat frogs?

Yes, some eagles will eat frogs if they are available in their habitats. Frogs can be part of an eagle’s diet, especially near bodies of water where frogs are more abundant.

Do hawks eat snakes?

Yes, hawks are known to eat snakes. Like eagles, hawks are birds of prey that have adaptations for hunting and capturing a wide range of animals, including snakes.

Do eagles eat rabbits?

Yes, some eagles will prey on rabbits if they are present in their habitat. Rabbits are among the various mammals that eagles might hunt and consume.

Do eagles eat lizards?

Yes, eagles are known to eat lizards, especially smaller species that are within their hunting capabilities.

Do eagles eat mice?

Yes, eagles will eat mice if they come across them during their hunts. Mice are small enough to be preyed upon by various raptor species, including eagles.


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