Why do dogs look away when you eat (2023)

Why do dogs look away when you eat?

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Wondering why do dogs look away when you eat? There are various reasons why dogs tend to look away when you eat, in this blog post I’d be telling you the reasons why they do that and also be telling you what to do whenever they do that.

What are dogs?

The dog or domestic dog is a domesticated descendant of the wolf, and is characterized by an upturning tail. The dog is derived from an ancient, extinct wolf, and the modern wolf is the dog’s nearest living relative.


Why do dogs look away when you eat?

Dogs also know as man best friends due to thier relationship with man are one of the most popular pets worldwide. There are many things that can be noticed from cohabiting together, different characters and habit displayed by either party one of which might be your dog looking away when you eat.

There are different reasons why dogs do this and they include

  1. Your dog maybe hungry: your dog might be doing this to signal to you that he/she is hungry.
  2. Your dog might be filled up: your dog would look away when ever you are eating because it is filled up, if a dog has had it’s fill it wouldn’t be interested in what you are eating so it might look away.
  3. Training: some dogs have been trained to look away when ever their owners eat, sometimes this training might have been done by previous owners or a friendly visitor.

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What to do whenever your dog looks away when you eat?

One of the things you can do is to offer the dog food, if you are not on a strict diet plan with your dog then it is advisable to offer your dog a small portion of what you are eating. This would help you understand if your dog is hungry or interested in what you are eating. Giving your dog a little of what you eat is also a nice way of showing love to your dog.

Why does my dog look at me when I eat?

Your dogs look at you when you eat because it also wants to eat what you are eating. This is their way of asking for a portion of your meal or food in general.

why do dogs look away when you eat

Why does my dog back away when I feed him?

A dog would back away when you feed him whenever it isn’t interested in the food or whenever it has had it’s fill.

Should you let your dog stare at you while you eat?

If you are still training the dog on it’s feeding habit then yes if not you can drop a piece for him to eat.

Should I eat before my dog?

The time you eat doesn’t have an effect on your dog however it is advisable to have a feeding plan for both you and your dog.

Why do dogs look away when you eat?
Why do dogs look away when you eat?


Why do dogs look away when you eat? Dogs look away whenever you eat because they might be filled up, hungry or trained to do so. This isn’t a medical issue just the choice of your dog.

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