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Can Tortoise Eat? Free Information About Tortoise (2023)

Can Tortoise Eat? Free Information About Tortoise (2023)

Can Tortoise Eat?

Last Updated on January 3, 2023 by israel

Want to know what food a tortoise can eat? Can tortoise eat celery, strawberries, blueberries, beet greens, kale, cabbage, orange, butternut squash, moss, and green beans? in this article, I will be listing what a tortoise can eat.

What is a Tortoise

Tortoises are reptiles of the family Testudinidae of the order Testudines. Like other turtles, tortoises have a shell to protect from predation and other threats.

can tortoise eat?
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Can Tortoise Eat Celery?

Yes, a tortoise can eat celery moderately (not frequently), you can feed them celery once or twice a month, celery contains a large amount of sodium, sodium-rich foods should be given to a tortoise sparingly, celery isn’t harmful to the tortoise as long as it isn’t a daily diet. Please note celery might be difficult to chew for some tortoises.

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All species of tortoise can eat celery. However, not every tortoise will take a liking to it. You can try feed it on its own to see if your tortoise would eat it, otherwise, they will most likely eat it if it’s chopped up into their daily salads.

It is important to know that some species of tortoises should not be fed too many vegetables as it is not the main aspect of their diet.


Can a Tortoise Eat Strawberries?

Yes, fruit-eating tortoises can eat strawberries moderately, it shouldn’t be frequent tho, though too many strawberries can cause diarrhea since the level of sugar in strawberries is high. strawberries help keep tortoises hydrated but not every type of tortoise can eat strawberries.

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Fruit-eating tortoises can eat strawberries. However, Desert and Mediterranean tortoises should have strawberries sparingly or none at all. All tortoises can eat the young leaves of strawberries but not the older leaves due to hydrogen cyanide gas in old strawberry leaves that can be toxic to tortoises.


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CanTortoise Eat Blueberries?

Yes, fruit-eating tortoises can eat blueberries, but they shouldn’t eat blueberry leaves, the tannins and diuretic properties of blueberry leaves are harmful to tortoises. blueberries provide lots of nutritional benefits to tortoises, they are proteinous, have fibers (which are very good for tortoises), blueberries help with hydration, and also provide vitamins A, K, and C.

They are good sources of vitamins A, C and, K. Feed them in sparse quantities, especially to Grazing and Mediterranean tortoises, as their digestive system does not adapt to high sugars from blueberries.

Remember not to feed tortoises with blueberry leaves, as they might be harmful, but you can offer skins, seeds, and even frozen blueberries to your tortoises as treats.


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