Is it Safe to Keep Millipedes with Dart Frogs? ANSWERED 2023

Can I keep Millepedes With Dart Frogs?

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Can I Keep Millipedes With Dart Frogs?

People like to keep dart frogs and millipedes as exotic pets, and many people wonder if it is safe to keep them in the same glass tank. There is no clear answer to this question, but there are some important things to think about if you are trying to decide whether or not to keep millipedes with dart frogs.

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it isn’t advisable to keep Millipedes with dart frogs, Millipedes are voracious herbivores and will most likely feed on the frog’s eggs, plants, and even wood in your tank.

Millipedes live in damp, humid places and eat mostly dead plants. Dart frogs, on the other hand, are native to tropical rainforests and eat live insects. Also, millipedes make a chemical that helps them defend themselves that can hurt dart frogs. To keep each species healthy and happy, it is important to give them the right home and care.


Why Is Not Advisable To Keep Millipedes With Dart Frogs?

If you keep millipedes and dart frogs together, the millipedes might eat the eggs or small tadpoles of the frogs. Even though millipedes don’t eat frogs on purpose, they may hurt frog eggs or tadpoles when they are looking for food. If you are trying to breed dart frogs, this can be a big problem.

Millipedes might also be a problem because they might carry diseases or parasites that hurt dart frogs. Even though this isn’t a common problem, it’s important to think about the health of your animals whenever you bring in a new species.

  • Millipedes will feast on your wood if they like the taste
  • Millipedes will feast on plants in the tank
  • Millipedes do not like bright lights, they might not come out during the day, while the light is good for dart frogs.
  • Millipedes are likely to eat dart frog eggs.


Can I keep Millipedes With Dart Frogs?
Can I keep Millipedes With Dart Frogs?

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Millipedes and dart frogs don’t all get along well with each other. Some millipedes in a dart frog’s terrarium may be harmless or even good for the frogs, while others may hurt or even kill the frogs. Researching the species of millipedes and dart frogs you want to keep is important to make sure they can live together and won’t hurt each other.

What Can Live With Millipedes?

Snails are very good roommates for Millipedes, they say birds of the same feathers flock together, both slow in nature, the two would survive if they lived together, although it won’t be advisable for the snails to be more than the Millipedes.

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What Other Animals Can Be Kept With Dart Frogs?

Dart Frogs may survive with other frogs like lemurs, bird poops, hourglass, clown tree frogs e.t.c.

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Some species of millipedes may be harmless and even beneficial to have in a terrarium with dart frogs, while others may be harmful or even toxic to the frogs.

Can I keep Millipedes With Dart Frogs? Yes, you can, but it is very much not advisable!

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